Friday, December 30, 2011

New look

We  have revamped our website with new look and screens.

Reclassify the Ledger
This feature is frequently asked by the accounting professionals. Go to Accounting >Ledger. Now you can re- classify the ledger to a different Class and Class Type. All the transactions occured in the ledger will be moved to the new ledger.

Rename the Ledger
Go to Accounting>Ledgers.  Click on Rename Ledger button. Here, you can rename as per the convenience.

Accrual Expense

Accrued expenses refers to an expenses that has been incurred but not yet paid. Examples of accrued expense items might be interest that has accrued on an outstanding note that has not being paid, and taxes that have accrued but not yet paid.

Ledger Report

A new report has been to added to the list of financial Reports. The report displays all the details of the transactions for a given time period.

Delete Ledger

During the company setup  process , the system creates default ledgers. All the default ledgers may not be meaningful to your business. Some time ledgers are created and later on, you realize that  the ledger is no more needed.
To delete a ledger, following are the steps.
  • Click on Accounting menu.
  • Click on Ledgers menu.
  • Click on the delete ledger button.
  • Choose the ledger to be deleted and click on delete.  

Send Email - ledger report:

Many times, the ledger report needs to be sent to a Customer/Vendor. Just click on the "Send Mail" in the Ledger Report Screen.

Export to Google Spreadsheet:

This module aims to provide more flexibility  and confidence feeling to the customers  about the  data bing available to the customers all the time.  Now all the data can be exported to  a  Google Spreadsheet and can be viewed in the Google docs. You can export any time and any number of times. All your data is  in a Spreadsheet and organized by worksheets. By doing this, the user can work with the Spreadsheet skills to do more analysis and format the data needed for businesss reports. The spreadsheet can further be shared with the relevant employees, thereby increasing the collaboration among the team.   


 Below is a sample view of the data exported to the spreadsheet.   



Ageing Reports

Added 4 ageing reports for your convenience.  

Update and Delete functionality is now functional  for all vouchers.
  • Invoice (Sales, Cash & Purchase)
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Expenses
  • Journals

Invoice Print

Invoices now can be printed. After, the invoice is approved, the PRINT button is shown. By clicking on the Print button , a PDF of the invoice is generated and shown in the PDF viewer and can be printed from the PDF viewer. 

Dashboard menu

Introducing the DASHBOARD menu. Currently the following four charts are available as part of the DASHBOARD.  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Depends On - Tax setup

Cess Tax is dependent on the Service Tax. This relationship among the taxes can now be configured in the Tax Category Setup. 



 Invoice Sample showing Service Tax and Cess as separate lines. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TDS Receivable

Every month there is a new feature being added to the AccountingGuru Software.  The new feature now added is TDS Receivable.

We have already seen what is TDS and TDS Payable. Now let's see how to create TDS Receivables.  To create TDS Receivable.  Go to Accounting menu  and click on TDS. The screen will appear.

Once, we click on  TDS Receivable, the following screen will appear wherein we need to select the customer name, when we select the customer name, a list of  invoices for this customer will appear.

Select the invoice for TDS Receivable entry needs be created and click on Approve.  

We also have the option of "Find TDS Receivable".   Go to Accounting, click on TDS and again on TDS Receivable. The below screen appears.
Here, type the customer. A list of TDS Amount with the reference number details will appear.