Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day Book/Ledger Report - Vouchers Navigation

Does a question arise in your mind “Is there any way to view/amend the vouchers from the Day book /ledger reports directly ?
Again AccountingGuru says “Yes”, easy navigation to vouchers is possible wherein one can view and also make amendments.
How is this possible?
Let’s see how AccountingGuru has made this possible.
In the Daybook/ledger reports links are provided, through we can directly to the voucher, view and correct the errors.
To do this Go to Reports menu->Select Financial Reports->Daybook.
Input theFrom Date“and the “To date” and click on Find.

The below screen appears where in you can see the link (highlighted in blue) provided under “Transaction Type”.

Similarly we have links to view the vouchers directly from the ledger reports also.
Go to Reports menu->select Financial Reports->Ledger reports. Provide the ledger name and click on “Find”. List of transactions appears. As in day book the voucher links are provided. Click on it and you will be able to view the voucher. Below is the screen which we will see.
Click on “Purchase Invoice No:3”.  This will take us to the voucher screen of this invoice.

Invoice Validation/Payments Validation

Let’s see what is Invoice validation / Payments validation with relevance to accounting year?
When we are creating an invoice if the invoice date does not fall within the accounting year  the system prompts “Not within the time period range” . Eg, when an invoice is created which is  dated 2013 then the system will prompt a message as in the below screen and we will not be able to proceed further.  This will reduce the data entry errors.

Similarly for payments , when we are initiating payments with future date i.e. which does not pertain to the accounting year then the system prompts “ Not within the Time Period range “ as in the below screen.

This type of validation applies for Journal entries also.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Setup of Accounting Year

New Features are added in AccountingGuru this month which are
a) Accounting Year
b) Validation of Invoices/Payment. Journal dates against accounting year &
c) Easy navigation from daybook /ledger reports to vouchers.

Let’s see one by one.

Do you have a question in your mind as “Can we setup more accounting year of the company “
Well!, AccountingGuru says “Why not” 
Let’s see the how this can be done

When we login in with our Gmail account, the screen appears to create a company wherein we type the name of the company and click on create. Once we create, the below screen appears  wherein the details of the company are provided under the tab ”Company settings” & under the tab “Accounting Setup” we select the accounting year for which the accounts are maintained.
Creation of the next accounting year is also possible. Once we login, under the settings menu ->company settings->Time Period->Add New Time period tab. When we click on “Add New  Time Period Tab” the below screen appears wherein we can select the accounting year and click on “Add”  Now the next accounting year is added to the company.
For accounting, select the accounting year from the dropdown list and click on the company to account the transactions for the accounting year