Monday, October 22, 2012

New Look

AccountingGuru, now with new look & feel.  We keep on working on our software to give the best and simplified software for our customers.  We have modified the templates of opening and other main pages to give a better look & feel.  Below are the details of it.

A)  Opening page

     1.  The list of my companies is updated with a Table.  This will give a better look.
     2.  The help line numbers, Logout button, Create buttons or more visible

B)  Company Page

     When the Company is selected,
  1. The Menu buttons are changed with new look for easy selection
  2. Contents are updated with better look

C)  List of Customers
  1. Now the list customers will be shown in a table, which is easy to view the customer details
  2. The "Delete" button is updated with a symbol and it is easy to locate it

The same way supplier list also is updated with the same

D) Accounting
  1. Accounting main page contents are re-arranged
  2. When a sub-menu is clicked it is highlighted, which is easy to find in which sub-menu is selected
  3. When Invoice menu is selected, the sub-menu's Find Invoice, New sales Invoice, New Purchase Invoice, New Cash Invoice buttons are changed and is easy to locate it
  • List of Invoices
The list of Invoices also is updated with a Table.  It will be easy to locate your invoice as well as the     details of the invoice.

  1. The same for Payment/Receipt list
  2. TDS Lists
  • Ledgers
  1. The list of Ledgers also updated with table.  The buttons i.e. "Update","Move" & "Delete" are changed with new look for easy visiblity
  2. "Add New Ledger,Show Ledgers & Find Ledger" buttons are changed and it is easy locate

e) Banking
  1. In the previous version "Add new Bank" link was not much visible.   Now it is come with a button and it is much visible and easy to locate.  
  1. All this lists, i.e.Product, tax etc... are update with better formatting and display.  It will be easy to view the details of the same.
  2. Trial Balance & Statutory reports are better formatted and presented
  3. We are also changing the "Front Page design".  Below is the design.

Overall, the look and feel is totally changed and buttons are more visible in the new version.

Kindly go through the updates and revert back to us with your suggestions and feed back.