Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Buy subscription online...

Now no need to get the Bank details or contact AccountingGuru to buy your subscriptions.  We have come up with Payu for Indian customers and PayPal for International customers.  It is as like as shopping online. We made it hassel free.  Below, we described how to use online purchase of AccountingGuru subscriptions.

First time users can click on BUY NOW which is in the home page to become a customer of AccountingGuru.

In the next screen, click on Sign in with google as shown below.  You must have google ID and password to become accountingguru customer and use it.

Once you click on Sign in with Google, you will be redirected to google's sign in page. Use your gmail ID and password as shown below and click on Sign in


Indian customers, click on Continue which is below Pay via Payu as shown below

The below page appears, feed in the required details as shown below and click on Continue.  Don't forget to check the Yes I agree to Terms and Conditions.

  1. Feed in your company Name
  2. Select Your subscription plan
  3. Your Name ( Contact person)
  4. Your Mobile Number (Contact Number)
  5. Check the check box to agree to the Terms and conditions

The below screen appears and shows the summbary of your subscription.  Check everything, if everything is fine click on Confirm as shown below

Now you will be redirected to the Payu payment gateway page.  Follow the below steps to make payment

1.  Choose your payment option - Credit Card

  • Choose your card type. Ex. Master, Visa, Maestro, etc..
2.  Choose your payment option - Debit Card

Select your debit card type by clicking on the drop down as shown below

The below screen appears.  Follow the below steps to make payment
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter your Name as written on the card
  • Enter the CVV number
  • Choose the expiry date by clicking on the drop down

2.  For bank transfers, Choose Net Banking and select your Bank as shown below

After selecting your Bank, click on Pay Now as shown below

The following screen appears.  Feed in your user ID and Password and click on Submit as shown below.

Once the Pay Now/ Submit is clicked the following screen appears and processes your payment.

Once the payments is succeeded, the below screen appears and confirms your payment

After the payment confirmation, you will be redirected to the following page.  Click on Finish to complete the payment option.

Once you click on Finish  you will be redirected to your home page.

After this you will receive an e-mail.

Open the email and you will see a link as shown below.  Click on that link

Once you click on the link you will de redirected to the company home page which is shown below

Under your company name you can see that (Setup not complete).  You need to click on the Company to open your company and do the settings.

If you need any assistants to create your company click on the below link.