Friday, March 28, 2014

Printing Enhancements

Last month, we improved on the printing of invoice by giving you the ability to customize the header and footer and brand as per your business theme.

AccountingGuru now supports Purchase Order, Receipt and Payment vouchers printing.  With the purchase order printing, we are taking a step further.  We have add two new features for printing

-        Preview
-        Change the layout and modify the body


Go the Settings->Print Designer and click on Purchase Order.  You will see the preview of the print

Layout modification

Click on the Edit Layout.   An online HTML editor will be shown in a separate window.  Here you can change the layout and modify the contents.  For example, you can remove the ‘Service Tax No’ or Tin No from printing.   Or, you can move them to your favourite location on the print, just by doing cut and paste.