Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lot / Serial # Tracking

GainERP now provides an opportunity to track your inventory through lot or serial number,

A lot number is an identification number assigned to a particular quantity or lot of material from a single manufacturer. Lot numbers can typically be found on the outside of packaging.
A serial number is an unique identification number assigned to a single product for ex: TV, Refrigerator etc., In case of damage, theft or expiry, we can easily track the item through serial number.

Through, GainERP inventory tracking system, lot or serial number will tell you what is purchased from whom and how many in stock and sold to whom .

Tracking the inventory is achieved through lot or serial number which will be associated with the product or item. For example: Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical distributor purchases the stock in lot or batch, you can make a purchase of these stocks in lot by entering its lot# and if necessary you can enter the expiry date for the particular Lot.

Let's see how to create a purchase invoice for products in lot.

On save, a lot is created with 50 quantity and its expiry date 09/09/2016.

Now let's see how to pick the item from the lot to make a sale.

During sales, on selecting the product, user has to click on select lot and list of available lots will be shown, and user has to select the quantity for the lot.

Once the item is selected from the lot then the user is set to create sales invoice and the sample is shown below.

After making number of purchase and sale, user may tend to know the available quantity or to whom the product has sold or purchased, GainERP makes this more simple, user can track inventory through the lot# as shown below.

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